Mental Health in A Failed American System

Recent tragic events like Sandy Hook, Seattle Pacific University, and the DC Navy Yard shooting have propelled issues in the mental health system to the forefront of our minds. Many of us continue to struggle with the reality that crimes, violent acts, and even murders are occurring almost weekly, perhaps even daily. We struggle with understanding why and how such evil can continue to elude us. Aren’t our schools protected and prepared for tragedies like that of Sandy Hook Elementary School? Aren’t our police trained and ready for catastrophes involving mental illness? Can’t our mental health professionals cure the sick? All of these questions swarm through the minds and hearts of people everywhere, including those, such as myself, who work in the field of psychology.

The answers are hidden beneath a facade of control in our hospitals, clinics, and schools. The truth is that we live in a failed system that lacks the necessary tools to protect society from evil, from illness that controls the mind and consciousness of some of our fellow citizens. Because of this, it is important that families understand severe and untreated mental illness, while maintaining a balanced perspective. While the majority of individuals with mental illness do not intend to harm anyone, there is a great number of cases in which homicide or violence and aggression is likely.


For those who have questions about our failed system, this presentation is for you.