MLK DAY Isn’t Just For Black People

Dr. #MartinLutherKingJr is a pioneer in the fight against #racism, discrimination, marginalization, and psychological warfare.

He has provided a way of escape for those who were and still are marginalized in our nation.

Dr. King’s legacy isn’t just about the fight against racism and the achievement of peace. It’s also about:
-American civil rights
-Empowerment of the marginalized
-Worldwide peace
-A corrected visual lens for a better America
-Universality and peaceful approaches to social justice
-A realization that no two people are the same, no matter their race/culture/ethnicity

As a multi-ethnic/Multi-racial psychotherapist and woman, Dr. King’s annual recognition has helped me internalize his legacy and his peace-talks so that I can re-produce them in my own life.

Thanks to @NewHarbingerPublications I have produced a product – The Racial Trauma Handbook For Teens: CBT Skills to Heal from the Personal and Intergenerational Trauma of Racism (The Instant Help Social Justice Series)

Through this work of art and production, it has become more and more clear to my “inner child” just how significant his work is to me.

I never fully understood the role Dr. King played in my life and my career.

He can also play an important role in your life as well — if he hasn’t already. Ways that the legacy of Dr. King can live on through you includes but is not limited to:

-Maintaining a social justice mindset: always keeping in the forefront of anything that you do fairness, equality, love, and pace.

-Promoting and encouraging universal unity: we live in a very traumatic, unstable, and confusing time in the world. To help each of us remain interconnected to our humanity we should find opportunities to promote justice and unity. There are certainly plenty of places to do that.

-Educating our youth and our society: education is a significant piece of the puzzle in today’s world. If we do not educate one another and maintain a heart of learning about those different from us, how do we promote peace and unity? We can’t! We have to be receptive to learning about others’ way of life and consider the beauty in the tapestry of our differences.

I hope you take Dr. King’s day to reflect upon your own contribution to society. I know I will.

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