Narcissistic Parent | Overcome them

NARISSISTIC PARENT – controlling, self-aggrandizing, and manipulative.

Who wants to believe they have a narcissistic parent? Who wants to believe this narcissistic parent can never change? In my recent videos I have been discussing psychosis within the family. Psychosis and narcissism can exist together in a parent and cause a great deal of challenges, family conflict, and even trauma. Managing life with a narcissistic parent requires careful moves and sometimes …taking the low road. In this video, I discuss ways that you can manage your narcissistic (and possibly psychotic) parent.



1:17 what this parent looks like

1:39 how narcissistic parents function

4:26 no boundaries or confusing boundaries

6:08 ways you can manage your narcissistic parent (without saying goodbye)

7:03 disengage wisely

8:55 narcissistic injury

12:03 be okay with not having a “parent”

13:07 compromise when necessary

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