Psychcentral: Saying Goodbye To Psychcentral.Com

Farewell and goodbyePsychcentral put me in contact with many of you.

Saying Goodbye to is hard.

Are new beginnings easy for you?
Do you believe that you are better living the same story-line over and over because change is hard?

Most people struggle with new beginnings, saying goodbye, and adjusting to new things. But that’s a part of life that we all must learn how to adjust to.

In this post, I would like to thank you and …say farewell to my Psychcentral supporters.

How did I get started?

I started this blog back when I was in college. About 10 years ago Dr. Grohol had a very popular and educational site known to the world as I hadn’t heard much about it at the time. I was a college student searching for mental and psychological stimulation and a fresh perspective on mental health. I did my research and found PsychCentral. I wrote a few guest articles that were approved and received a great number of comments and reactions.

I then reached out to Dr. Grohol and asked if I could start a blog called: Caregivers, Family, & Friends. It was exciting to start a blog that “the world” may see. I was also studying psychology and forensic psychology in college at the time. I found any topic on mental health stimulating and exciting. The newness of my blog made things even more exciting.

How did I evolve over time?

As I grew in my education, profession, and writing skills, I began to share personal experiences as clinical and educational material on my blog. My blog received thousands of comments, lots of support, and drew dedicated people who would comment each post and share it with people they knew. It was great! I learned a lot.

I then began reviewing clinical and mental health related books for PsychCentral during this time. It was great! Grateful for these experiences.

Thank you and…farewell to

I now write this blog post to thank ALL OF YOU for your wonderful participation, your sharing of my content, and your sharing of your own stories. YOU have made this blog an educational resource for many including myself. I have learned a lot from YOU.

It is with great sadness that I end my blog participation at this time. Psychcentral has new goals with Healthline. It is apparent that the leader of the channel may be stepping back and allowing a new set of standards. That’s understandable. However, this gives me the incentive to continue building my own platforms and move into the future myself.

I will be maintaining the same level of digital education, clinical knowledge, and participation on my other channels including my Youtube channel.

I will be posting more blog posts to my website here including my Youtube channel.


Thank you for your continued participation!