Psychological Trauma: 5 Common Myths We Believe

TraumaPsychological trauma can impact your life forever and scar your heart and mind far beyond what you could imagine. Tragedies can remain in your mind and heart for a lifetime.

These kinds of incidents leave us feeling isolated, unsure, afraid, perplexed, hurt, and angry. How could this happen all over again?

In this article and video, I discuss PTSD and the brain as well as common myths we tend to believe.

The incident in Florida, last year, involving an 18-year old size by the name of Nickolas changed the trajectory of life for those involved. Life will never be the same EVER again.

Didn’t we see enough with James Holmes, Adam Lanza, Brandon Hill, etc. etc.? Of course we did. But things remain the same.

What needs to change?

Many parents, that see me for therapy, are afraid that they will never see their kids again if they let them out of their sight for more than a few minutes. The horror on their faces shocks me. I can’t “digest” the reality that we have become a violent society of youths out of control, crying for help, and needing help so desperately. All of the young men named above are in need of psychiatric care. Sadly, without empathy and the ability to regret their heinous decisions, therapy and medication would be no good.

The many victims of Adam Lanza, James Holes, Brandon Hill, etc who are still alive, are most likely struggling with psychological and emotional trauma. In the video below I aim to correct erroneous beliefs about trauma.


In this video, I discuss 5 common myths of psychological trauma.


In this video, I discuss PTSD and what happens to the brain over time.
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