Psychopath Parent: Do You Have One?

Psychopath parent.

Have you ever heard of this statement so bluntly?

Who wants to believe that they have a psychopathic parent?

Who wants to accept that they may never have a “normal” parent to run to when needed?

I honor and respect GOOD parents.

NO ONE wants to be faced with the reality that their mother or father is incapable of normal human emotion. It’s a shock to the heart and mind to find out that your parent may be a psychopath.

Most research suggests that psychopaths are born and that many life experiences have a way of “strengthening” the psychopath so that they can become the un-emotional and callous individuals they are.

In this video, I discuss the characteristics of psychopaths and narrow the focus to parents.

*All of the behaviors discussed in this video occur together — like a syndrome — and rarely occur alone. For example, some parents may do the things discussed in this video but that does not NECESSARILY mean they are psychopaths.



0:00 intro

1:55 How do I understand my parent?

2:34 What a psychopath parent looks like

4:59 Socially “normal”

5:00 Psychopaths aren’t ALWAYS criminal and dangerous

5:30 Psychopaths vs sociopaths

6:45 Psychopath parents often…

7:35 Psychopaths are calm and collected

8:33 Psychopath parent may hide things/tell life-altering lies/embrace dark things

9:18 Propensity toward manipulation and scheming (“they get to the top”)

10:00 Psychopath parents may stalk/obsess/follow others

13:48 Grandiosity/poor behavior control/shallow affect and mood

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