Racial Trauma Can Be Devastating To Young People

Racial Trauma can be devastating to young people.

It can change their lives forever.

Writing a book from personal and professional experience is a draining task.

Writing about #racism and #racialtrauma is even more of a draining task because of all of the psychological, emotional, and even physiological responses that can occur while re-living some bad experiences or writing about other’s experiences with #racism.

In this book, published February 1, 2023, I give you both personal and professional experience with clinically significant tools and tips from a #CBT – cognitive behavior therapy perspective and trauma informed.

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If you would like a nonbiased review of the book, check out @kirkus_reviews most recent magazine for the review.

Kirkus Reviews: https://www.kirkusreviews.com/book-reviews/tamara-hill/the-racial-trauma-handbook-for-teens/