Relationships: Adult Child Outcomes Of Mentally Ill Parents

adult children of emotionally unavailable parentsChallenges in living with and growing up under a parents who is psychologically unhealthy can be very difficult.

Life can seem unfair and limiting to the child whose parent isn’t healthy.

The child can grow into an adult with his or her own challenges including relational challenges.

In this article/video, I discuss the negative outcomes for some adult children of parents with a mental illness.

Challenges that tend to occur in the lives of adult children of mentally ill parents often includes depression and anxiety. It also entails relationship challenges, obsessive compulsive disorder, and personality disorders.

Adult children often struggle with adjusting to their own lives and adjusting to relationships. When a parent is emotionally and psychologically unhealthy it can be difficult for a child to understand how relationships work. As a result, the adult child unintentionally may mirror the unstable relationship dynamics of their unstable parent.