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English: Cape Cod beach at sunset, Race Point Beach Français : Coucher de soleil sur la plage du Cap Cod, dans le Massachusetts (États-Unis). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m a big fan of relaxation, time alone, introspection, and meditation. These are things that help re-structure your mind an focus your attention. It’s always good to take a time out and treat yourself to personal time. The more you focus on self-care (taking care of your self), the better you will be for those you love, for those who need you, and for yourself.

I liken this life to a race. In a race we have to be physically fit, mentally strong, emotionally stable, and motivated. How do runners prepare for a marathon? By working hard on themselves! In order to get through daily life, it’s important that you take care of yourself. We have to get to the finish line, but we cannot get there unhealthy. Here are a few ways I cope with stress:

  1. Read (reading a book in bed is nice at times)
  2. Sleep in
  3. Write (journaling, blogging, etc.)
  4. Pray (prayer is simply talking to God about the things that bother you and asking Him to intervene. Prayer does not have to be a formal activity. Be yourself and relax).
  5. Go for a walk with loved ones
  6. Photography (“buy a nice camera and take pictures of nature, family, and friends”)
  7. Exercise (swim, yoga, walking, jogging, Zumba, aerobics, hiking, gym nastics)
  8. Meditate
  9. Engage in introspection (sit quietly and rest your mind and soul)
  10. Go for a drive
  11. Stroll through the mall
  12. Buy yourself something nice (doesn’t have to be expensive!)
  13. Listen to podcasts online
  14. Listen to music (upbeat music can have a positive effect on mood, while slower-paced music can encourage feelings of depression. There are times, however, when lower paced music can give you a sense of peace and calm).
  15. Try Pilates

For 38 ways to relax, visit my sister-site at: Caregivers, Family, & Friends!

All the best