Religion and Faith: The Crossroads For Those Considering Suicide

Faith and Religion
Searching for answers

Searching for answers?

Do you have questions about faith and religion?

Have you ever felt satisfied with the answer?

For a lot of my clients who are suicidal religion vs faith is a topic they try to stay away from because of the existential confusion that often results from conversations.

This article and video will discuss what I call an “existential crisis.

What is an existential crisis?

An “existential crisis” is what I refer to as a crossroads between what we want to believe and what we don’t quite understand yet. It is an emotional place of confusion. It is a psychological place of confusion where most people give up, feel helpless, become severely depressed, or consider suicide. When my clients struggle with an existential crisis, I often ask about their personal beliefs about life, religion, and faith.


Faith vs Religion

Faith has always been one of my strongest anchors. It’s something that has rescued me in difficult times and has proven beneficial to family, friends, and clients who feel helpless and unable to change their circumstance. The journey of faith and following God is quite a journey. It takes dedication, patience, and an open mind.


To learn more about this topic and a powerful experience my client had this past week, watch the video below:


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