Resiliency: Are You A Resilient Adult?

ResilienceResiliency has more to do with external supports and protective factors than your determination.

Would you consider yourself resilient? If so, in what ways?

In this article, I will discuss the Resiliency Questionnaire and provide the scale for you to take.Resilience is typically defined as one’s ability to overcome challenges in life and move forward in strength. This is often easier said than done for many people who have grown up with childhood trauma.

Resilience is often the result of protective factors in one’s life. Examples include supportive and loving parents, good education, access to employment, internal motivation, goal setting, etc. Without protective factors, resilience may not be possible.The Resiliency Questionnaire can be regarded as the “sister” of the ACE Questionnaire.


In this video, I provide the scale questions and encourage you to take it for yourself.