Rising Above The Year 2020 Challenges

year 2020 photoThe year 2020 met us with a vengeance.

We, as a nation, probably saw none of what has happened to us this year coming.

In this article, I discuss a few concepts that may help you understand what is going on.


There are a ton of theories we can use to explain the racial events of today. But there are a few that stand out to me:

  • Social containment theory
  • Social bond theory
  • Social change theory

Sykes and Matza (1957) discussed the concept of neutralization and how those who are discriminatory minimize and normalize certain concepts to make their behavior acceptable. Unfortunately, this is often the behavior of those displaying racist behavior in today’s society.

Global Health

  • Fear mongering
  • Political control

To learn more about these concepts and hear a live discussion, check out this video:

Photo by aagay