Schizophrenia In The Family

#trauma #FAMILY #tamarahilllpc Schizophrenia (or psychosis) can be a devastating diagnosis for a family. One reason is because it will take a lot of patience, self-education, and self-preservation to survive in a relationship with someone who may also be toxic or dysfunctional. Schizophrenia or psychosis can be a “primary” diagnosis for a family member who has the personality traits of a sociopath or narcissist.

If someone walked into my office with schizophrenia or psychosis and came across as a sociopath or narcissist, the diagnosis would be:

-Primary: Schizophrenia or psychotic disorder

-Secondary: Personality disorder Both of these diagnoses play a role in how the family member engages with other people and functions in their world.

In this video, I provide insights on how a family member like this may negatively impact your level of functionality.

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