Self-help Therapy At Home: A Tool To Use In 2020 (VIDEO)

Self-help therapy at homeSelf-help tools can carry us between sessions as needed.

Do you sometimes wish you could be your own therapist?

Do you wish you could calm yourself down and redirect your energies without going to counseling?

Most people do which is why it can be helpful to learn a few tools you can use, on your own, at home.

In this video, I discuss a tool that I use with my anxious patients/clients.


How can self-help tools help me

It’s often helpful to carry a notepad or journal around with you during the week. When you feel overwhelmed or anxious you can pull that out and take notes, write down your thoughts, and track your emotions.

I often encourage my teen clients to do this and it seems to help them gather their thoughts and redirect their emotions.

Being able to look at the things you do and do not realistically have control over can instantly reduce stress.

Sometimes we need to be reminded that we don’t have control over our boss’s decision to close down the office.

Sometimes we don’t have control over the patterns of traffic during the morning and evening hours. And sometimes we don’t have control over how much money we make in a week.

Paying close attention to our expectations and firmly held beliefs about the control we have over our lives is important.