Selfcare Tips For Depression: 38 Ways To De-Stress Your Mind

Selfcare and ways to destressWe have what is known as a sympathetic nervous system (similar to a gas pedal in a car). When things get us anxious, this system kicks in. Most people refer to this as the “fight or flight” mechanism that prepares us to endure anxiety or run from it. When this happens our bodies go into “overdrive mode.”

This article (and video) will discuss self-care, self-compassion, and balanced ways to think about stressful events.

When overwhelmed you may notice: Increased heart rate, nausea, shakiness, nervousness, sleeplessness, overeating, feelings of doom, etc. It’s even worse with depression. You may find no pleasure in activities once enjoyed (anhedonia), you may not have an appetite, you may sleep way too much or not enough, you may cry all the time, and you may have fleeting thoughts of being dead rather than alive. Self-care is important for all of us.

But it is even more important for those who are prone to worry, get anxious or hyper-focus on stressful events. If you feel this categorizes a lot of how you react to stress in your life, stay right here as I will be talking about self-compassion, changing the way you talk to yourself, and I will offer you my list of 38 ways to relax. For that list of 38 ways to relax, click here:….