Shared Psychosis & Traumatic Bonding || Know the difference?

Shared Psychosis and Traumatic Bonding is a complex phenomenon.

Shared psychosis (as it is formerly known as) is a delusional disorder in which a person may believe something that isn’t true — and begin to “infect” the people around them.

Traumatic bonding includes a loss of objectivity in a relationship that isn’t healthy — and this can lead to many adult relationships that also aren’t healthy.

Traumatic bonding can follow you for the rest of your life.

Codependency can also occur and is a fusion of identities to the point of losing who you are and sharing an overlapping experience with someone else.

While all 3 of these experiences can be detrimental to your emotional health, shared psychosis seems to be the worst experience for most people.

In this video, I tease apart shared psychosis and traumatic bonding so that you can identify symptoms and behaviors in yourself or other people.

Shared Psychosis & Traumatic Bonding