Social and cultural responsibility: Loving thy neighbor

Hello everyone:

I wanted to post a few comments on the late and honorable Mr. Rodney King. As you know, we lost a sweet and modest person on June 17, 2012 to what has been defined as a drowning. Although Mr. King was notoriously known as the motorist who had a violent encounter with Los Angeles Police in 1991 and for the “can’t we all just get along” saying, he is more than simply these things. He is a replica of the many lives that have been lost to discrimination and injustice. He is the face of the condition that perpetuates inequality. He was a living stake for the many culturally distinct groups who have experienced oppression and rage as a result of a lack of understanding of genetic difference. He served a significant purpose while he lived, and he is serving an even greater purpose as he rests in peace.

To unconditionally love thy neighbor is to get motivated about the issues (that affect us and our youth) that Mr. King lived, breathed, and could not seem to put to rest in his mind.

Read more about Mr. Rodney Kings new book.

Be Change,