Stalkers Respond To Your Trauma

Stalkers are complicated individuals for many reasons.

They frighten people and seem to lack the ability to weigh the pros and cons of their behavior.

They are sometimes feisty, oppositional, and desperate for power and control.

They aren’t always the “scary” predator you think all stalkers would be.

They will walk all over you, law enforcement, and the boundaries of society to get what they want.

They are unlike anything you would think.

In order to understand who they are it is important for you to identify their profile.

Stalkers have a profile meaning that they may fit one of many definitions and descriptions of stalkers.

You may know a stalker who is:

-The intimacy stalker

-The rejected stalker

-The intelligent stalker

-The Predator stalker

For information on the other profiles of a stalker, check out today’s video here: