Stalking: How To Understand Traumatic Stalking

#Stalking is not something I enjoy talking about. You probably wouldn’t believe that considering the many videos on my channel discussing this topic. But one of the main reasons I bring this up on a channel about #trauma is because a lot of people engage in stalking behaviors – many times to the detriment of themselves – to get what they want. This persistence and deep drive to “conquer” the other person is often seen in cyber stalking and amongst a specific group of individuals known as intimacy and resentful stalkers.

Sadly, people we trust may engage in such behaviors because of unresolved trauma in the past that has influenced their behavior in negative ways.

ALL stalkers lack boundaries and need a lot of help – sometimes help they don’t believe they need. Without proper help and proper perspective, these stalkers slip into a fantasy world about the person they are stalking and won’t stop stalking until they feel they have gotten exactly what they want. Sadly, what they want isn’t the person per se, but rather … POWER.
In this video, I discuss behaviors that you may see in yourself if you have had a traumatic past and find yourself overly-attached to someone you should let go of.

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