Suicide: Top 4 Reasons Why Some Consider Suicide

Suicide: My top 4 reasons for why some consider suicide Suicide is a challenging conversation to have.

Have you ever had to talk to someone who was considering suicide?

Have you ever had suicidal thoughts yourself? What was the trigger to these thoughts?

Most people, especially teens, struggle with reporting thoughts of suicide for fear that others will not understand. This video blog post will discuss my top reasons for why some people, especially teenagers consider suicide.

Suicide is a very controversial topic. It is controversial for more than one reason. When I see families in my office for the first time, a major reason for suicide being controversial in their family is because they don’t believe the “identified client” has a good reason to want to die. That’s when I have to provide education about the reasons for suicide.

Some of my top reasons for considering suicide include but are not limited to:

  1. Existential questioning – what is this life all about?
  2. Philosophical questioning – Why do I have to do these things? Who’s the boss?
  3. Religious/faith-based- questioning does God really exist? Do I have to go to church every Sunday?
  4. Nihilistic thought patterns – the world is a messed up place and there is no reason to live it.
  5. Delusional thought patterns – people talk about me all the time and I hear them. Why live?


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In this video, I discuss this topic a bit further and provide various explanations:

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This article and video was originally published on Jan 29, 2018 but has been updated to reflect comprehensiveness and accuracy.