The “black dog” disorder

English: Black dog lying on the floor – "...
English: Black dog lying on the floor – “jedi puppy kitchen tricks” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A really great video on the “black dog” expresses the depths of what millions of Americans suffer with today. The “black dog” disorder leads not only to feelings of isolation, poor appetite, poor sleeping patterns, and physical ailments but also thoughts of suicide. The “black dog” is not a simple rainy day, but days of rainy days for many people.

I have come to the conclusion that we are a “broken” people with problems in an imperfect world and no one escapes. We may have joy, we may have success, we may have material wealth. But nothing protects us from depression or other ailments.  The most talented, intelligent, special, artistic people in our lives have struggles with depression.

To watch a great line-up of videos on this topic, visit my site at: PsychCentral/Caregivers and pass on to someone who may benefit.

Take good care of yourself, self-care will take you far.

All the best