The Racial Trauma Handbook For Teens (out now!!!!!!!!!!)

The Racial Trauma Handbook For #Teens is a work of art for our young people.

New Harbinger Publications approached me over 2 years ago with a book idea based on what the company knew about me and my work.

I was so grateful and thrilled that they wanted me to focus on a very real and painful topic.

I took the offer and began writing from both personal and professional experience.

There was a lot of sweat, blood, and tears as well as MANY edits before the final version was approved.

Today marks the day that it is available where ALL books are sold.

All throughout my childhood I found that I didn’t fit in.

I didn’t fit in with the Caucasian or African American families that lived on my street because I straddled both worlds.

I also went to a predominately White school where mingling only happened if you were White too.

My childhood was as wonderful of a childhood as any parent who loves their child could offer.

But that still didn’t erase who I was and what I would feel all throughout my youth.

If you have an adolescent who would benefit from learning about the traumatic nature

of racial trauma, I encourage you to order now!