Toxic Family Dynamics: What Some Only Children Go Through

Family therapyToxic family dynamics and result in a lot of stress in families.

Do you think the dynamics in your family have contributed to challenges in your adult life?

In this video, I discuss the challenges an only child faces in a family with dysfunctional dynamics.

I like studying families. When I first began my career almost 11 years ago, I found myself running away from any counseling work involving family dynamics. You may be asking yourself why. Well, because I didn’t want to be the therapist that sat between arguing family members every single week.

I studied people like Virginia Satire and Murray Bowen. I really tried to understand how to get in between toxic family members. With the help of Salvador Minuchin’s structural family therapy, I could better understand the complicated puzzle pieces that go into the development and maintenance of healthy relationships.

In this video, I discuss the only child and some of the dynamics that play into an only child.

I welcome your thoughts, comments and experience.

*Apologies for lighting.