Avoiding Toxic People: 2 Reasons To Say Goodbye (Audio)

Photo Credit: Gael Varoquaux

 Trying to understand a toxic person is like trying to chase after a wild animal. It is a very tall order and a very discouraging task. Sometimes the best approach is to walk away completely before you become their prey. It is hard to imagine the extent of and kind of damages caused by someone who is toxic. The damage can be minimal (if you get away as soon as possible and have not revealed everything to this person about your life) or it can be extreme (costing money, time, energy, and even your rights). The goal of the toxic person, who has you as their prey, is to milk you for all you are worth. They don’t care. They don’t mind going the extra mile to harm you.

This article will discuss 2 tactics of the toxic person. Next week I will discuss ways to cope and avoid these kind of people.

Who is the toxic person?

Once you begin to feel negative vibes from the person you are in a relationship with, it is time to design a plan on either how to deal with the behavior or run away from it. As I’ve stated in previous articles on this topic, “running away” from the person does not connote weakness. In fact, the ability to determine when you are not capable of coming against a detrimental or dangerous person is actually wise. Why stay and fight when you don’t have the tools to win?


Toxic people audio recording:


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