Transference in therapy: “Falling in love with your therapist?” – part 1 & 2

Transference Have you ever had feelings for someone and couldn’t understand where they are coming from?

Have you ever felt like someone’s mother or grandmother and couldn’t understand why? If so, you’re not alone.

Transference is a term that has its roots in psychoanalytic theory and focuses on the emotional connection between two people which is often influenced by the individual’s past experiences/relationships.

This article will discuss transference and you will have access to my 1st and 2nd video on the topic this week.

Transference describes an emotional and psychological process in which one individual begins to develop feelings for another person as a result of significant historical influences.

For example, you may find yourself feeling emotionally close to your 75-year-old neighbor because she reminds you of your great-grandmother who passed away 3 years ago. Because of this “bias”, you may find yourself wanting to buy things for her, help her in her garden, or treat her like you would your own grandmother.

If you have multiple encounters with this neighbor you may begin to see your grandmother in everything that she does. This can create feelings of attachment that will be difficult for you to overcome. In situations like this, you would certainly benefit from counseling that explores this emotional connection.


Identifying transference


How to explore your transference

So what do you think about this topic? Did anything come up for you that you’d like to explore or ask about?

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