Trauma Can Exist With ADD & Autism

Trauma can co-exist with ADD/ADHD and Autism.

Sometimes ADHD, high functioning AUTISM, and PTSD share so many similarities that it’s complected — and difficult to figure out what is what and if a person may have ALL three of these things.

Let’s say, for example, you have experienced childhood trauma and inattention or impulsivity throughout your development.

You finally find someone you want to settle down with but you begin to notice that your fiancé is triggering flashbacks of your toxic family.

You openly communicate with your fiancé but notice that your mind keeps wondering. As you struggle to focus you begin to feel anxious and confused by your own thoughts.

During this process you express that you just need to be alone and do not want to talk about this further. Because of the anxiety, difficulty communicating, and flashbacks you decide to withdraw and internalize your feelings. This scenario describes the co-morbid diagnoses of ADHD, Autism, and PTSD. In this LIVE video, I will explain the research that connects all three of these disorders.