Trauma: How To Rise Above PTSD From Your Family

Trauma within a family can follow you for many years.

Family trauma or relationship trauma can lead to PTSD that requires professional treatment.

“Can I rise above my complicated family trauma?”

“Can I rise above individual trauma and PTSD?

This live chat discussed coping with mental health challenges within the family as well as overcoming family trauma, negative patterns of communication, loneliness and aloneness, and moving into post traumatic growth (or healing) for your future. I also answer questions and comments as we discuss trauma throughout the chat.


0:00 intro to individual and family trauma

4:01 what happens to me when my mind is revisiting my trauma

6:15 the amygdala (almond size) brain structure – “sniffs out threats”

9:37 experiencing flashbacks and acute stress/chronic stress (Central Nervous System Dominance)

10:29 hippocampus works with the amygdala


16:15 Learned helplessness

Pavlov and the flood of the Neva River in 1924

Inescapable shock

Conditioned reflex

Paradoxical Inhibition

34:55 rise above PTSD and other traumas



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