Traumatic Relationships: 6 Ways Narcissists Attempt To Abuse You

Pathological liarsTraumatic relationships are often toxic for long periods of time.

How would you describe a narcissist?

What about them would signal to you they are unhealthy in their interactions?

In this video, I discuss 6 things the narcissist may do to destroy or abuse you. This video highlights that these kinds of relationships can certainly be traumatic.

You probably think a narcissist is someone who is arrogant, selfish, and egotistical. But the truth is that narcissists are very insecure people with fears, abandonment issues, and poisonous relational behaviors.

You can come within 2 feet of the narcissist and be sorry you ever did. They can be detrimental to your overall health and life stability. In a previous video, I discussed that narcissists attempt to destroy those who they cannot control. They are “blood-hungry” for the life of their victims. To learn more about this topic, visit my youtube channel.

Although the narcissist may be overt or covert, any form of narcissism means they will always see themselves as more significant than they are, avoid emotional intimacy, and seek to stay on top.