Understanding the Affordable Care Act’s Marketplace Insurance

Are you currently confused by the recent Marketplace insurance policies, rules, and regulations? If so, you are certainly not alone. Join the millions of everyday citizens, medical doctors, and mental health professionals (such as myself) who feel a bit overwhelmed by the change, policies, and rules. Multiple families have contacted me to ask for clarification regarding the new policies and the differences between the Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Catastrophic plans. There are 2 things that are important to keep in mind about these policies:

  1. You must apply (if you do not currently have insurance) before the end of the enrollment period
  2. You must apply before January 1, 2014 or be responsible for a tax cut of about $95 for an adult per household or $47 per child.

In the coming days, I will explain how the Affordable Care Act will affect mental health and autism spectrum disorders specifically. In the meantime, visit my sister site at PsychCentral/caregivers to learn about your options and some basics.


Stay informed!