Updates & Thank you

Hello everyone! I hope you are doing well.

I wanted to send out this post to you, the followers of this blog because I usually cannot “interact” with you as I do those signed up for my newsletter. All of my followers are very cool people! You have some interesting insights, blogs, posts, and feedback.

I think it’s wonderful that we can share our thoughts, insights, and perspectives with each other and then spread abroad.One follower, for example, spreads her knowledge all over and found me on Pinterest! Another follower of Anchored-In-Knowledge spoke with me last week about his blog on depression. I love connecting with you and sharing your information with others. Please feel free to pass on anything you think might be useful under “contact me.”

In addition to this, I just completed my first book! It is specifically written for parents, families, and caregivers dealing with issues relating to mental health, the mental health system, fear of the system criminalizing a loved one due to a mental health concern, civil commitment, and multiple resources for finding cost effective counseling services and treatment. The book is an informational, nonfiction companion.

I will update you on specifics the closer we get to a release date (April 2014). Purchase details will be available on Anchored-In-Knowledge. I will also offer the book as a Kindle version early in 2015! Stay tuned!

Thanks for partnering with me,

I wish you all the bestImage