Watch “Am I A #PSYCHOPATH?” When Toxic Family Calls You A Psychopath | Psychotherapy Crash Course” on YouTube

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Psychopaths (or sociopaths) are complex and tends to create a lot of relational challenges within a family.

I have seen my fair share of family arguments over the past 14 years professionally and personally.

In most of these arguments the theme of the argument was over poor communication, entitlement, and disregard for the other person.

In these arguments I have heard one line repeated time and time again “YOU ARE A PSYCHOPATH!” These hurtful words are often said with very little proof and tend to be used as sharp weapon to minimize or sting your ego. Knowing what a psychopath is (and is NOT) is an important shield to have.

In this video, I discuss several reasons why you are NOT a psychopath.