Watch “Can I Get Free From This Dependent Personality?” Healing Trauma 101 | Psychotherapy Crash Course” on YouTube

Your personal work may include setting boundaries, strengthening your defenses, abandoning harmful defense mechanisms, seeking out really good counseling, etc.

In this video, I discuss how a dependent personality (whether that is yourself or someone else) can slow down your progress in healing from trauma.


0:00 Intro
1:25 Dependent personality disorder is difficult
5:46 Over-dependence
7:00 Needy/passive
7:44 clingy behavior

8:29 inability to make decisions

9:59 Validation & reassurance
-learned helplessness
10:59 Fear of losing support

11:50 Difficulty expressing disagreement
14:13 Immediately looking for re-connection
15:01 Negative self talk
15:50 lacks healthy self-efficacy