Watch “Is Your DARK EMPATH Family Pushing You Away? | Psychotherapy Crash Course” on YouTube

Dark Empath family members who are manipulating, premeditating, and triangulating are hard to live with because everything they do ends up hurting you. In most families, the thought that a family member could be evil or downright sabatoging of you and of themselves is ery hard to consider.

Some families think they have manipulative and uncaring family members who they may believe are not always aware of what they do. And still some family members may believe the individual is “traumatized” or “smart” because of how they engage in family relationships. But the reality is that dark empath family members exploit based on the wrong concept of who they are.

Their only intent is to stay on top of other family members and control the dynamic as much as they can with emotions, awareness of other’s emotions, and calculating maneuvers.

In this video, I discuss the reality of the dark empath family member.