Watch “Selfishness of the EMOTIONALLY DETACHED Parent |LIVE CHAT” on YouTube

It’s really hard for me to say this but the truth must be told that not ALL parents are good. Some parents struggle to be attentive, loving, engaging, and emotionally “attentive” because they themselves are struggling with PTSD, childhood trauma, mental illness, etc.

These kinds of parents can redeem themselves with therapy, building personal insight, and growing as a person.

But the story drastically changes with a parents — knowing or unknowingly — becomes a major interference in the life of their child through:

-emotional, psychological, sexual, and/or physical abuse

-knowingly maintaining unhealthy relationships and behaviors while raising a child

-Refusing help and continuing to do the things that are toxic and unhealthy

-abusing drugs and/or selling drugs

-putting the child in harmful situations to get their needs met (i.e., prostitution, “pimping,” selling drugs, robbery/burglary, etc.

In this live chat, I discuss the emotionally absent parent who has “created” complex PTSD in your life.