What to do in a mental health crisis

English: A woman collapsed on 7th Street in th...
English: A woman collapsed on 7th Street in the East Village when she was with her family. Emergency Medical Technicians arrived and took her to the hospital as her mother and son stand nearby hugging. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A crisis is usually defined as a severe situation in which events are expected to be dangerous or unstable. No one likes a crisis or situation in which life is completely out of our control. No one ever gets 100% prepared for an emergency. But the best time to prepare is now, not later.

Psychological Preparation

    • Accept that you can encounter a crisis or emergency any day, any time: Walking through life not believing a tragedy can occur in your own life is like driving without looking in your side mirrors. You don’t want to walk in fear, but you do want to walk in reality.

Behavioral Preparation

  • Know what you will do and say: When emergencies occur, it’s really easy to say and do whatever comes to mind, I’m guilty of this myself! But you want to have some idea of what you will do such as speaking calming words to someone out of control, reminding yourself of something that can keep you calm, or acting calm even when you aren’t.

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