Why SUICIDE Is The Answer For Some

#Suicidal thoughts can be passive or indirect and active or direct.

Passive/indirect suicidal statements or thoughts may include something like: “Ever since my father died I often think about death and what it would be like to just die and never return here.” OR “I always want to fly away and be at peace. I don’t like the pain I have to deal with down here. I wonder what heaven is like.”

These kind of statements are of a spiritual, philosophical, and existential nature that requires a clinician or #therapist to truly understand what is going on so as to avoid jumping to conclusions.

Certain #cultures talk about death and dying and normalize these kind of thoughts. The other half of my culture — #Cherokee and #SouthernAfrican speak of death a dying a lot and doesn’t consider the above statements problematic.

Direct and active suicidal thoughts and statements are direct and to the point such as: “I have a gun, I have bullets, I know how to kill myself, and I know where I’m going to do it.”

Direct and active statements and thoughts should always be taken seriously. It’s important that we all understand this process so that we can possibly step in before it’s too late.

For a breakdown of some reasons why #holiday time is difficult for those feeling #depressed, see my video below.

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Why #Suicide Becomes The Answer For Some | #Family #Trauma & Holiday Stress… https://youtu.be/SYAieg5zYPk via @YouTube