“Will I EVER BE LOVED By My Mother?”

“Will I ever be loved by my mother?” is a question I was asked at a busy conference in 2019.

It was a heartbreaking question that I almost couldn’t find the right words to answer.

Controlling, “dramatic,” (or histrionic) parents can sometimes cause you, as the adult child, a lot of stress.

Despite the most obvious reasons, controlling and dramatic parents often have challenges of their own that causes them to respond in anxious or neurotic and unhealthy ways.

The child growing up with this kind of parent “learns” how to respond to their own challenges in unhealthy ways.

Above all, controlling, dramatic, (or histrionic) parents are often left behind by the adult child because of the lack of emotional restraint they have.

In this chat, I discuss controlling and histrionic parental personalities.

LINK: https://youtube.com/live/G1MbVe2k3Yc

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