This message was posted on #Twitter on 12/19/21 and was sent to me by someone who follows me. I ended up seeing and reporting it. The disturbing nature of this message hits me on so many levels. Twitter has to flag these kind of posts better. We can't (and should not) allow these socially irresponsible posts to be seen on social media. There is a thing I have spoken about for many years known as "#suicide contagion." The idea is that someone with an influential position or status threatens suicide or completes a suicide which then -- when heard or observed -- influences the highly suggestible to follow in those footsteps. This is most notable among #adolescents. No suicidal or homicidal message should be posted on #socialmedia. The only conclusion I can draw for these type of posts is attention-seeking or a very BIG cry for help. Either way, this should NOT be permitted. Social responsibility starts with correcting this.

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