Youtube Channel: 14 Reasons You Will Like My Launch (Video)

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Youtube can be a great way to enhance learning.

My channel will be launching January 2018!

My new channel will be a psychoeducation channel focused on educating you to the various disorders I have either treated, studied, or come in contact with.

This article explains why I decided to create a channel and the audience it will benefit.

I decided to launch a Youtube channel last year after receiving thousands of emails on topics I typically discuss on my blog Topics typically discussed on this blog include emotional and psychological trauma, the psychology of relationships of all kinds, personality disorders and complicated personality traits, severe mental illness and advocacy of appropriate and timely care, crisis intervention and suicide prevention.

Who is the channel for?

This channel is primarily geared toward educating parents, families, caregivers, teachers, and other individuals who are interested in exploring human behavior. I will be using my therapeutic experiences, will provide examples of cases to help you understand concepts, and will offer some tips on how to cope with the topics discussed. The goal of this YouTube channel is to create another platform for us to connect, grow, and learn.

Topics I will discuss

Most people have mixed emotions about Youtube as a social media platform because of the millions of people who use it and abuse it. I can certainly agree. However, Youtube can also be a platform used to accomplish a greater good. That is my purpose for using this platform.

Some topics I will be discussing include:

  1. Living with someone with borderline personality disorder
  2. Coping with a narcissistic spouse, family member, or boss
  3. Preparing for a mental health crisis with a loved one
  4. Preparing for your first mental health therapy appointment
  5. Leaving your therapist for another therapist
  6. Your rights in the mental health system
  7. Living or working with someone with a traumatic childhood or past
  8. Pursuing mental health treatment for children under age 7
  9. Identifying behavioral problems in children and learning early signs of mental illness or behavioral problems
  10. Controlling a child with ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, or persistent personalities
  11. Protecting yourself from pathological liars and those who triangulate
  12. Finding hope, faith, and strength in tribulations
  13. Healing from childhood trauma

Have a topic for me to talk about?

This YouTube channel will also allow viewers to ask me questions they may have about the topic for the week. Clips will be posted at least 1x per week on Friday’s by 5:00pm. The first video will air on January, 5 2018. You will also be able to see me live-stream a few videos in May 2018.

Here’s the link!


Stay tuned! Looking forward to connecting with you.



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